About Us

Evolution Counseling Services, LLC is a multidisciplinary behavioral health care agency that offers an array of evidence based programming and unique opportunities for growth and healing to the youth and families of Blair and Huntingdon Counties. Our focus is to provide strengths focused, evidence-based, performance measured, cost-effective, quality treatment that is person centered and consumer driven. Our mission is to provide proven programming, create, promote, and maintain a positive customer relationship with our consumers, key stake holders, associates, staff, and our community. Co-Owners Craig Clark & Jeff Colbert have created, nurtured and sustained these programs for the past 26 years. Evolution Counseling Services, LLC is dedicated to providing quality performance based programming for years to come.


If you are seeking help for your child or for your family, we're here to help you in every step of your journey. Our staff will work closely with you, in a private and safe environment, to determine your needs and the best opportunities that we can provide to achieve your full potential outcome.
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Our Mission

To promote the well-being of the individuals and families in the Blair County and Huntingdon County communities by providing accessible, quality behavioral health and in-home counseling services for the care of children, adolescents, and their families, utilizing a service system that emphasizes strength based empowerment, trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We are committed to quality behavioral health care that is provided in a collaborative effort with consumers' overall health strategies and an array of in home services as well as multi systemic support systems. We are further committed to the philosophy that we exist for the consumer.